Decatur, MS

Decatur, MS



             Town of Decatur



Pat O'Neill                         Mayor

Max Anderson                  Ward 1
Mark Buntyn                    Ward 2          
Mike Harris                      Ward 3
Sid Etie                              Ward 4
Joy Hayes                         Ward 5


Town Attorney                         
Jason Mangum


City Clerk                                                    Deputy City Clerk
Brenda Harper                                             Pam Joyner      



Public Works Director                              Public Works Office  
David Anderson                                               601 635-4600
                                                                         601 635-2761



Chief of Police                               Police Department
Joedy Pennington                                              911- Emergency

                                                                        635-3555 or 601 635-2761

Municipal Court Clerk 
Pam Joyner



Fire Chief                                                                                       
Raymond Overstreet   


Town Hall mailing address:      
66 7th Street                                             
PO Box 307                                               601-635-4012 Fax
Decatur, MS 39327                                                                          

The Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at Town Hall. These meetings are open to the public.