Decatur, MS

Decatur, MS

Public Works Department

   Decatur Water Works     



Water & Sewer Rates

Water $ 18.93  First 2,000 gallon  

Sewer $ 18.93  First 2,000 gallons

$4.75 per 1,000 gallons usage 



 Garbage Rates

Household                    $17.50

Streets                        $5.50               

Commerical                  $24.07

Rubbish over 3.5 tons   $125.00                


Limb Pick-up TUESDAY

Garbage Pick-up Wednesday - You will be furnished a Garbage Can at no additional charge


Renters Deposit                               $275.00

Home Owners Deposit                     $150.00

Garbage Deposit (annexed area only)      $75.00



Reconnect Fee                                 $ 50.00

Return Check Fee                            $ 30.00


Water Tap Fee                                 $550.00

Sewer Tap Fee                                $550.00



Water Cut on Application 


All Bills are due by the 10th of each month

We CANNOT accept partial payments

Cut Off will be on the first working day after the 10th of the month following a carry over of any balance from the previous month 



Contact Town Hall for any information     

(601) 635-2761- City Hall

(601) 745-2424 David Anderson   Water Superintendent