Decatur, MS

Decatur, MS

Fire Department

Decatur Volunteer Fire Department

Decatur Volunteer Fire Department currently has 22 members,

5 emergency medical technicians, 3 paramedics and 2 firefighers 1,001 certified.

We are fully equipped with 3 Class A Pumpers, Rescue Equipment (Jaws),

1 Wildland Fire Vehicle, 1 Quick Responds Vehicle and 1 Off Road Rescue Vehicle

with a response area of 65 sq. miles. 



Fire Chief - John Everett

Assistant Chief - 

Secretary - Joe Addy

Treasurer - Donna Everett

Emergency: 911 or  Non-Emergency: 601-635-2761


Front Row left to right:  John Everett-Assistant Chief, Donna Everett-Treasurer,
Raymond Overstreet-Chief, Dustin Shoemaker, Tim Chambers, Danny Cherry, Kay Chambers,
Tammie Addy, Joe Addy. 
Back row left to right: Andy Vance, Mac Chambers, Justin Cabe





















Left to Right:  John Everett-Assistant Chief, Donna Everett-Treasurer, Raymond Overstreet-Chief,

Joe Addy-Secretary